Girkasas, a private limited liability company, was established in March 2003. 

We are located at Piliakalnio g. 3. Kaunas, Lithuania.

Our company specializes in the manufacturing of furniture, as well as sports and recreational equipment. The furniture and finishing details are made from various types of solid and manufactured wood products.


Our company manufactures furniture for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms; wardrobes with sliding doors, cabinetry, store display cases and counters constructed from laminated particle board or solid wood.

We manufacture billiard, pool and Russian pyramid tables along with the related accessories.

For table tennis enthusiasts, we offer ping pong tables. We also produce gymnastics benches, gymnastics wall bars and the pull-up bar attachments for the wall bars. By special order we make vaulting goats and pommel horses. Many of our customers are also interested in our roulette, poker and card tables.


Some other popular items are restaurant and bar furnishing equipment, country indoor/outdoor furniture, tables, benches, doors, staircases, and other hand carved or turned wooden articles. Of note, all doors at Kaunas Christ’s Resurrection Basilica are decorated with our handmade oak carvings.


For schools, we offer school blackboards in various sizes and colors, basketball back boards, classroom signage plates. We offer three types of napping beds for kindergarten and daycare facilities.


We also produce street signs and numerical plates, billboards, advertisement structures and 3D lettering.


We can even take custom orders based on your drawings, blueprints or photos.

Some of our other services include, precutting lumber into dimensioned wood boards from 2 to 8mm in thickness, and up to 105 mm in width at unlimited lengths. We can also offer sanding for your existing wood pieces (doors, windowsills, stair treads) performed by our industrial sanding machinery. 

Our meticulously manufactured furniture and interior design solutions are created using innovative concepts and top-quality materials. 


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